Weddings in Dominican Republic

Concept Tour in collaboration with Jennifer C. Agency organizes weddings for you in the Dominican Republic. These weddings have an important meaning in our lives. Contact our team who will advise you on the choice of providers and bring ideas that will offer you a unique experience.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

it is possible to marry privilege abroad. I am talking about an official wedding, recognized in France, for two people of French nationality.

And first, why get married in the Dominican Republic?

One answer: an idyllic setting for head-full memories!
Only you and the love of your life to share this beautiful moment.

Your socialites pursue the family, the puzzle of the guests, or simply the heavy organization of a traditional wedding.

You don’t have to spend an extended budget, and you will still receive an exceptional wedding!
Are you reconnecting in one or more of these statements? Then you’ll just have to contact us!
Mariage Cérémonie symbolique

Symbolic Ceremony Wedding

If you prefer to unite without any legal recognition, you can opt for a commitment ceremony called “secular” or “symbolic”. This type of celebration is also highly coveted for vow renewals, wedding anniversaries or for people already married civilizations.

Symbolic Ceremony

This ceremony requires no administrative formalities and can be celebrated in the place of your choice: beach, garden or tourist site.
You can add integrate rituals such as sand ceremony, candle or other and we add a beautiful text.
Concept Tour in collaboration with Jennifer C. Agency will customize your ceremony by drawing inspiration from your cultures and traditions.
You’ll just have to contact us!

In a few words

• Concept tours collaborates with Jennifer C. Agency, specialist in the organization of weddings in Punta Cana and throughout the Dominican Republic.
• We offer exceptional service to guarantee an impeccable event.
• Over 100 organized weddings
• Our services are available à la carte or on a flat rate basis.
• All of our services and packages are customizable.
• Recommended by 99% of our customers